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Swiss Diamond's flexible tongs feature notched handles, allowing the tool to perch on the lip of the pot while you're cooking. The slotted head quickly drains excess liquid from frying, steaming or poaching. Designed to gently grip the most delicate items, these kitchen tongs are ideal for serving your next kitchen creation. Easily drain excess water from steamed dumplings or potstickers for a savory Asian appetizer. Lift donuts, beignets or funnel cakes from hot oil - these versatile tongs are heat-safe up to 480 degrees F (250 degrees C). Unlike stiff metal tongs which can crush fragile delicacies, these tongs are ideal for lifting, turning and serving lightweight items without flattening them. The wide opening allows you to serve a full-size cupcake or muffin without squeezing the sides.


Our tongs are perfect for those delicate jobs, such as flipping fish, or draining pot stickers. Since they are heat rated up to 480°F (250°C)



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