Warranty Information

All products featured on swissdiamondoutlet.com are factory seconds products and have been deemed "imperfect" by our Quality Control Team. These products are 25% off MSRP and DO NOT include tempered glass lid or any warranty.



Factory Seconds are cookware items that contain slight blemishes or imperfections that do not allow them to be sold as “New”. These blemishes are cosmetic in nature and do not affect the integrity of the cookware’s surface.  These imperfections can include: small scratches, nicks, exterior scuff marks, and minor coating inconsistencies. Please see the following link for more information on factory seconds (What Are Factory Seconds?). These items are sold “as is” meaning that they do not carry Swiss Diamond’s limited lifetime warranty and are marked to indicate that they were sold as a Factory Second. All sales are final so please be sure to read all descriptive information carefully before making your purchase.