What Are Factory Seconds

What are "Factory Seconds"?

Factory Seconds are products that have been deemed "imperfect" by our Quality Control team, and cannot be considered or sold as New. 

When our customers buy New from swissdiamond.com, our team's #1 priority is to deliver perfect, unblemished products with a fresh out of the box smell. Due to this standard we uphold for our beloved customers, some of products don't make the cut.



An "imperfection" can be described as just that, anything that makes our product not 100% perfect on delivery. These imperfections are most often cosmetic and don't compromise the integrity of the product, examples include: small scratches, nicks, exterior scuff marks, and minor coating inconsistencies.

Each Factory Seconds product is sold as is and DO NOT include a warranty or tempered glass lid as you may find on the products we sell as New.